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Blue Hugh Music Re-boot

It’s been since 2016 since I wrote my last Blog, and I’ve been busy in these intervening years. Learning classic rock material and playing with my band “Jackie” has been really rewarding. To see one’s skills taken up a notch is really the source of deep satisfaction. I’ve still been buying and selling instruments and gear, repairing guitars (some time spent with my pal, luthier Russ Lackey, has really helped me sharpen my skills), fussing with all aspects of those bolt-on guitars, and generally going down the “rabbit hole” of high end esoteric gear has been no less intense than before!

So I’m back with a new plan… to dig deep into the rural fabric to acquire rare, boutique, and perhaps vintage gear for sale on this site, to expand my Blog for all of us “cork sniffers”, maybe to teach geetar a little bit through Zoom or when safe, face to face – the “over 40 beginner/intermediate crowd being my inspiration.

So one last little bit of gear talk, the tip of the iceberg, so to speak… as a lifelong Strat player who loves humbuckers too, I have found, after decades of trying, that I just don’t get along that well with Les Paul ergonomics… so here’s a vanity pic of my 3 latest flames (so to speak – only one actually has “flames”)… Gil Yaron – the guitars that keep giving back – the deeper you look, the more there is to see… Johan Gustavsson – an Oxblood Futuremaster, unusually refinished. But what a refin it is! The Jeff Beck “Oxblood” theme (including aging) by the extraordinary folks a Historic Makeovers. Enjoy…

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