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Rare Teuffel Birdfish Sighted Outside of its Natural Habitat!

The delicate and rare Teuffel Birdfish was glimpsed last night in… Brantford, Ontario last night! 1000s of kilometers from its natural habitat of Germany!

When you can find one of these creatures, they are upwards of 10k, and we understand that the “new” price is around 20k!

New custodian, Pete F., is anxious to see if the Birdfish can deliver the goods… Although quirky, the Birdfish feels quite comfortable to play… the neck feels very vintage – rounded in profile – and not unlike the lovely Music Man necks in overall feel. The tone is bright and very “Strat-like” – the 3 pickup/5 way setup helps here… but the tone is much more articulate and percussive than many Strats – with great note separation as a consequence.

Fly on, fly on, Little Wing!…

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